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Re: I need your help

On Tue, 18 Jun 1996, Mark Schuldenfrei wrote:

> Well, my wife had listed on her resume that she was interested in historical
> cooking, when she applied for internships.  They chose to interview her, and
> were quite interested.  Shortly after her interviews (and acceptance) someone
> said to her boss "Historical Cookery?  She's probably with the SCA: they are
> all kooks."  Because she had made such a good impression, they shared the
> story with her.  If that commentary had been made earlier in the process, she
> probably would not have been interviewed.

> My wife works in the mental health industry, sometimes on complex cases.  It
> is a case of Caesar's Wife.  With the shortage of positions for people with
> her background and training, she cannot afford to be tainted.

I can understand this very well. As both a "practicing academic"
and a SCA member, I run into the two rumor mills of "Academics
are no good, because one time there was a..." and "Members of the
SCA are no good, because one time there was a..." all the time.
The problem for me, is while I can usually handle the members of
the SCA with a chip on their shoulder, or just ignore them, the
anti-SCA mentality in the academy is often strongest in the
older, more established faculty whom grad students annoy at their
own risk. In some circles, though I hear there are changes in the
academic attitude in several schools-most notably U. of Toronto,
which has an excellent group of mediaevalists-it would be as good
as chucking my credibility aside if I were to admit that I am a
member of the SCA.

Craig Levin
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