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Re: I need your help

On Tue, 18 Jun 1996, Craig Levin wrote:

> I can understand this very well. As both a "practicing academic"
> and a SCA member, I run into the two rumor mills of "Academics
> are no good, because one time there was a..." and "Members of the
> SCA are no good, because one time there was a..." all the time.
> The problem for me, is while I can usually handle the members of
> the SCA with a chip on their shoulder, or just ignore them, the
> anti-SCA mentality in the academy is often strongest in the
> older, more established faculty whom grad students annoy at their
> own risk. In some circles, though I hear there are changes in the
> academic attitude in several schools-most notably U. of Toronto,
> which has an excellent group of mediaevalists-it would be as good
> as chucking my credibility aside if I were to admit that I am a
> member of the SCA.

I've also experienced this. I actually use a different .sig when posting
to the professional lists I read, just to avoid potential problems. It's a
bit less of an issue in my department here, but I have hopes of one day
becoming employed full-time in academia and don't want to risk my chances
of that. 

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