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Re: Archery Newsletter

Someone asked if this listing (below) was still current;

> "Fletch and Point", costs $4.00 for six issues (one year) and is available
> from Sir Dafydd ap Gwystl (David Kuijt), 2801 Ashmont Terrace, Silver Spring,
> MD, 20906. Make checks payable to David Kuijt.

Achbar responded:
>If such a newsletter exist,  I would like to subscribe.  if it 
>doesn't, can we start one Please?

I published the Fletch and Point through 7 issues from summer 1988 through
the end of 1990.

When I stopped publication I had more than a hundred subscribers.  However,
I had run out of articles.  I had nagged everyone I knew to produce articles
on archery, in some cases many times over, and I had forced out all the
articles that could be gotten.  You can't get blood from a stone.  I myself
wrote one or two articles for every single issue.

I will not restart Fletch and Point.  However, I have thought about putting
a "Best of Fletch and Point" together, probably as a Compleat Anachronist.
I will start working on that some time after I pass on the Editorship of
the Oak in the next few months.

My experience is this--there is a lot of interest in such a newsletter.
But interest isn't enough.  You have to have articles.  Preferably good
articles.  A lot of people are willing to subscribe; very few are going
to have the knowledge, skill, time, and interest to write articles for
publication.  Fletch and Point required six articles an issue (on average),
or something like 12 articles a year.  120 subscribers produced something
far less than that.

Dafydd ap Gwystl

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