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Re: I need your help

Greetings from Eldred!

%Elizabeth Urbanik said:
%> She says that it endangers her
%> job to have this data on the Web.

Henry replies:
%You know, I have tried and tried; but I cannot imagine any job that would
%be placed in jeopardy by its owner having an entry in the Atlantian
%It's a sad day for me when my imagination fails me. Can anyone help me
%out here and come up with a hypothetical job for which an Atlantian
%directory entry would pose a genuine danger?
%1) Retained Attorney for the Tuchux?
%2) Secretary for "Mothers Against Dirty Dancing"?

Time for your daily dose of unhealthy paranoia....

Henry, although your examples are amusing, this can be a serious
problem!  Part of the problem comes in with the email address.
Anyone can peruse the Web and pick up email addresses.  A
government email address or one from a government contractor
can immediately set someone up as a security risk/target for
harrassment.  A collection agent for a credit card company would
be in the same position.  E.g.  Let's say Archduke Barttholomew is an
IRS auditor.  His email address would have some variation of
IRS.GOV or the like.  He is now a target for harrassment or threats.

As unpleasant as it sounds, this is the type of thing some people
have to deal with.

In service,

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