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Re[2]: New list Serve Approach

     Greetings, all.
     Actually, the "normal" way is for the mailer (read, more work for 
     Kendrick) to identify the sender/address in the leading line.
     My mailer does not support tag lines...if I want a tag, I gotta type 
     it--every time. That's why I don't bother. Also, this suggestion 
     harkens back to the "well, my mailer will handle it so stop griping" 
     comments we were getting a couple of weeks ago. (Not that I'm accusing 
     anyone of that, just remember everybody is limited in some way with 
     regard to their email.)
     I have to agree with Talia. I prefer it the way it was. And I can't 
     say I buy the "it's supposed to be public" theme. Easily 30-40% of the 
     messages we get are for individual queries. Before, one person got 20 
     responses; now, everyone will get 20 responses. 
     Frankly, this approach is inviting the explosion we saw a couple of 
     weeks ago.
     I prefer the old approach but I could live with the new one as long as 
     it starts putting the sender in the post so that I have something to 
     work with.

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