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Re: Message not deliverable

On Wed, 19 Jun 1996 Administrator_at_FL-AC@smtplink.sra.com wrote:

> At 12:27 PM 6/18/96, Henry Best wrote:
> >"Caesar's Wife"? I don't understand the reference. Please educate me.
> >
> When Julius Ceaser was back in Rome after some campaign (whose name escapes
> me), an orgy took place at his place while he wasn't around.  His wife,
> however, was.  Ceaser divorced her for lewd conduct, even though there was
> no definitive evidence she attended.  When challenged, he maintained that
> Ceaser's wife must keep a higher standard, and avoid even the appearance of
> impropriety.
A chance to correct the worthy Yaakov on an historical point comes so
rarely that I must not bypass it.  The event, I believe, was not "an orgy"
-- a carnival of carnality, so to speak -- but the profanation by Clodius
Pulcher of the rites of the Bona Dea.  He had slipped into this sacred
ceremony -- to which only women were admitted -- disguised as a woman but
was obliged at one point to speak, and his voice gave him away.  How like
some of our bardic incidents!  At all events, the women nearly killed him
(and though he escaped he was offed a while later by another of Rome's
thriving street-punk community), the holy objects had to be purified (no
doubt at great expense) and the ceremony itself held again under more
careful security.  Caesar's wife had sponsored the event in their home,
and though there was no clear proof that she had connived at this outrage
Caesar himself took the attitude Yaakov described.

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