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Re[2]: I don't know...

Tadhg said:

]The problem remains that many of the folks on government 
]servers are getting postings which identify ONLY the mailing 
]list--not the initial poster. It just doesn't get through.

        This is in fact the root of this problem concisely stated. The 
simple answer, someone else, requested was to simply add your email address 
to the end of your posts. I still fail to see why this simple request has 
met with such resistance. 
        BTW, I have received many emails from people on this list who will 
not post on this subject for fear of being flamed. 
]As for Alaric Luther and the discussion of courtesy, you should 
]re-read your last few postings. "My way or the highway" is not 
]what I consider to be courteous.

        Please, forgive me if I have offended anyone. I just finished 
rereading my posts, "My way or the highway" was neither said nor the 
desired meaning to my posts. I intended to only make a simple, humble, 
]And I ALWAYS sign my posts,

        And now a lot of people cannot reply to you directly. For some, you 
might as well be using an anonymous mail forwarding site. I happen to be the 
sysadmin for my company and I can always check the logs for an address. Shy 
folks who do not have the tools, who might reply to someone privately, but do 
not post to the list, cannot reach you.
        In Service,
     Alaric Luther - luther@infodata.com
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