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New List format

Hello all,

I made the change to the "Reply-To:" headers Monday night just before
I went to bed, so I didn't have time to say much about it.  Unfortunately,
I haven't been able to access my e-mail again from then until now.  Oh
well.  Anyway, most people seem to have figured out the new system, but
for those that haven't, I've added a "Reply-To:" header to the mail
the list sends out that directs all replies back to the list.  I did 
this because quite a few people asked for it, and no one asked to keep
the old way.  I say let's try it this way for a while, and if there is
a big enough concensus for the old way, we'll go back.  If not, we'll

Also, you may have notice the new list .sig file.  It gives much more
information about the list, including our web page (which has moved
recently, thanks for the space, Kevin :).  It also tells out to send
messages to the list, in case someone forgets.  And, IMHO, is a bit
less negative than the last one.

Corun, the list should be currently set to have both the sender's
address and the Reply-To header.  Unfortunately some e-mail systems
strip it off.  My wife's does.  I can configure a header or footer
in the message itself that contains the e-mail address of the sender
if enough people want it.

Last, but not least.  Melys wrote me mentioning that she was getting 
double posts from the list.  Has anyone else experienced this?  If
so, please e-mail me at lovelace@dcscorp.com (that's work) and let me know.
I have only seen one example of this, and am more likely to chock
it up to a one-time aberation, but if anyone else has seen it, I'd 
like to know.  Thanks.

In service,
Lord Kendrick Wayfarer
Listkeeper, Merry Rose
             |                     lovelace@netcom.com      
             |\                       Arlington, VA
             |/      Per chevron argent and azure, a wolf passant 
             |     sable between three compass roses counterchanged.

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