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DISC: Signatures

g quotes me:
>              *I* consider mail without signature impolite and depending on 
>           the content of the message possibly cowardly or even cruel.
>    Does it cost so much?
]g continues:
]It's not a matter of cost -- it's a matter of calling people names 
]for not agreeing with you. 
        Please understand, I am not calling anyone names. I am trying 
to point a potential area where problems could arise. What if someone 
made a gross personal attack, that was obvious flame bait, on list and 
did not sign it?  
]I'm happy to be sympathetic with your broken mail reader, but asking 
]millions of people to change how they deal with tens of thousands of 
]mailing lists is a large cost.
     Forgive me, I'll not ask again. 
Alaric Luther - luther@infodat.com
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