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Re: DISC: Signatures

> I am trying 
> to point a potential area where problems could arise. What if someone 
> made a gross personal attack, that was obvious flame bait, on list and 
> did not sign it?  

You can either ask someone who doesn't have a broken mail reader, or
you could look in the archive using ftp or the web. It has the full
headers. Keep in mind that most folks can see exactly what's going on,
so any social problems like that will be solved. The main loss is that
you have a hard time sending personal replies, and identifying people
unless you remember, "Oh yeah, Greg Lindahl signs his postings with
'-- g' when they are mundane in nature."

The one solution which will work for everyone, actually, would be if
Kendrick removed the "Reply-to" header to the list. Then cc:Mail
wouldn't be confused, and stupid gateways would be less likely to
bounce messages back into the list...

-- g
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