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Re: DISC: Signatures

> You can either ask someone who doesn't have a broken mail reader, or
> you could look in the archive using ftp or the web. It has the full
> headers. Keep in mind that most folks can see exactly what's going on,
> so any social problems like that will be solved. The main loss is that
> you have a hard time sending personal replies, and identifying people
> unless you remember, "Oh yeah, Greg Lindahl signs his postings with
> '-- g' when they are mundane in nature."
> The one solution which will work for everyone, actually, would be if
> Kendrick removed the "Reply-to" header to the list. Then cc:Mail
> wouldn't be confused, and stupid gateways would be less likely to
> bounce messages back into the list...

Another solution to finding who is who is sending a message to 
majordomo@atlantia.sca.org with no subject (or any subject) and the phrase 
"who atlantia" in the message..

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