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Re[2]: DISC: Signatures

Greetings, all.

>Another solution to finding who is who is sending a message to 
>majordomo@atlantia.sca.org with no subject (or any subject) and the phrase 
>"who atlantia" in the message..
I'm afraid you lost me, Your Majesty. I thought the suggested command would 
tell me who is subscribed to the list...not who sent out the message I just 

By the way, the East Kingdom recently added a top-line header with poster. 
As I recall, there was a resounding sigh of relief when it happened...and 
many thanks sent to the list tender.

Kendrick, I know you would like to let this run for a while but could you 
let us know how many people asked you off-line to change it. No names, just 
numbers. I'd like to have some idea of whether or not it's worth 

We've easily got a dozen unhappy users...and the threat of getting 
inundated with "Message Undeliverable" duplicates if some servers start 

Sorry, it's just frustrating at my end,

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