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Re: BANT: email

> > > Any doubters should
> > > be now well satisfied that anything is possible with e-mail.
> > Anything is possible, but that mail still had enough clues to know who
> > sent it. Can we return to discussing the Middle Ages yet?
>   Actually, they did have e-mail back then, but the 'e' stood for elk.

I don't believe elk-mail, but they really _did_ have such a thing as
email in the Period.  (Note: no hyphen).  It's the French word for
"enamel", but in heraldique it means what the English heralds call
"colour".  It's pronounced something like M.I.; the plural is emaux,
pronounced M.O.

-- Alfredo

PS: In French heraldique, the word for the email "green" is not "vert";
no, that would be too confusing, since "vert" is the common French
word for "green".  No, the word for "green" is "sinople", from the name
of a region famous for _red_ dyes.  Isn't heraldry wonderful?

Alfredo el Bufon
Elvegast, Windmaster's Hill, Atlantia
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