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Re: Re[2]: DISC: Signatures

Tadgh wrote:
> By the way, the East Kingdom recently added a top-line header with poster. 
> As I recall, there was a resounding sigh of relief when it happened...and 
> many thanks sent to the list tender.

Could you be more specific about this? What's in the top-line header?

> Kendrick, I know you would like to let this run for a while but could you 
> let us know how many people asked you off-line to change it. No names, just 
> numbers. I'd like to have some idea of whether or not it's worth 
> continuing.

I, for one. Perhaps if there's enough dissent we should have a vote. When
this was mentioned by Kendrick when he sent out the FAQ last time no one
at all brought up any objections. I know I asked Kendrick in email to make
the change to have reply go to the list, and I thought I did it publicly.
I could be wrong though, it's been some time ago I did this.

> We've easily got a dozen unhappy users...and the threat of getting 
> inundated with "Message Undeliverable" duplicates if some servers start 
> crashing.

You're going to get "Message Undeliverable" next time someone's server
crashes or someome loses their account and doesn't tell all their lists.
And this will happen irrespective of how this list is set to reply. It's
the nature of the beast.

> Sorry, it's just frustrating at my end,

And it was frustrating on my end to have to constantly keep asking people
to resend email that was meant to go out publicly. Sometimes a reply is
meant to come out in a timely fashion, and if I send mail privately by
mistake that person may not get around to resending it in time. Or I
may not realize at the time that I'd forgotten to change the header until
it doesn't show up in the list for days. I also don't CC myself on all
my email, so I don't have copies hanging around except what's sent from
home via Eudora, which keeps outgoing mail until I purge it. Elm doesn't
do that.

Quite frankly, this is a tempest in a teapot. The norm for mailing lists
is to set the reply to the list since it is a given that 90% of the mail
coming to and from it are for public dissemination by the list members.
The list's primary goal is to share information about the middle ages,
the Society and Atlantia. If someone asks you for a recipe for mead or
beer, I expect to see it posted here. If you post it privately, then
the rest of us miss it and someone will have to use bandwidth asking
for it again later. If, however, someone needs to contact someone else
privately, they can ask here for the email address, or, take it right
from the headers of the poster. In the case of those two of you who 
have said you're using CC:Mail and can't read headers, there are a
couple of ways around this. We just have to agree on which one to use.

In service,

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