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Re: Re[2]: DISC: Signatures

  > By the way, the East Kingdom recently added a top-line header with poster. 
  > As I recall, there was a resounding sigh of relief when it happened...and 
  > many thanks sent to the list tender.
  Could you be more specific about this? What's in the top-line header?

It looks like this, Corun:

"-Poster: Mark Schuldenfrei <schuldy@MATH.HARVARD.EDU>"

Before any text appears.  Kendrick, I can email you the address of the East
Kingdom list admin (heck, it's sca-east-owner@world.std.com) if you want to
know how she did it.
  > We've easily got a dozen unhappy users...and the threat of getting 
  > inundated with "Message Undeliverable" duplicates if some servers start 
  > crashing.
  You're going to get "Message Undeliverable" next time someone's server
  crashes or someome loses their account and doesn't tell all their lists.
  And this will happen irrespective of how this list is set to reply. It's
  the nature of the beast.

Again: there are mechanisms that deal with just this problem, if we would only
use them.  It isn't all that hard.
  Quite frankly, this is a tempest in a teapot. The norm for mailing lists
  is to set the reply to the list since it is a given that 90% of the mail
  coming to and from it are for public dissemination by the list members.


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