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Re: Re[2]: DISC: Signatures

> You're going to get "Message Undeliverable" next time someone's server
> crashes or someome loses their account and doesn't tell all their lists.
> And this will happen irrespective of how this list is set to reply. It's
> the nature of the beast.

This is not true. The single biggest cause of mailer errors going to
the list is screwing around with Reply-to: or making From: be the
list. Returning the list to the majordomo default -- From: being the
author and Reply-to: not set -- will reduce the number of bounces to
the list. I've yet to meet a mailer which bounced to Sender:, but I've
met many which ignore Errors-to:, since it is merely traditional.

> Quite frankly, this is a tempest in a teapot. The norm for mailing lists
> is to set the reply to the list since it is a given that 90% of the mail
> coming to and from it are for public dissemination by the list members.

That's an interesting claim, but I don't think either part of your
statement is universally true.

> The list's primary goal is to share information about the middle ages,
> the Society and Atlantia.

I agree with this. I disagree with your conclusion that replies should
always be sent publically. Since I have no wish to debate such a
mundane matter here, I would merely ask again that we remember that
there are differences of opinion about every aspect of this issue.

> If someone asks you for a recipe for mead or
> beer, I expect to see it posted here. 

Actually, they'd be better off using the historical brewing mailing
list to ask brewing questions. But that's a different issue.

-- g
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