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Trade: Armor for Comp. equipt

Greetings all;

I hope you don't find this posting offensive or too far off-topic.

I am setting up a computer for my eldest daughter who will be attending VCU
this fall, and upgrading my own, and am in need of some items.

If you have any of these, or other items you think I might be interested in,
and wish to make a trade for armor please contact me at:



Michael Luznicky
120 Wickre St
Williamsburg  VA  23185

I'm looking for the following:

A full tower case with a 250 watt power supply
A 66 mHz PCI Pentium motherboard with a Pentium 66 or (preferred) 133
processor (or equivalent non-Intel chip)
1-  PCI SVGA video card with at least 1 meg and upgradeable to 2 meg.
2-  16 bit sound cards
2-  4X CDRom drive (or faster)
2-  3 1/2" FDD
HDDs either SCSI, IDE or EIDE in sizes over 100 meg.  At least 2 drives are
needed, more would be useful
72 pin memory, we will need between 8 and 16 megs
30 pin memory 1x9's or 4x9's 70ns
2-   SVGA monitors
A VGA monitor
2-   4 color Bubble Jet printers (or color Laser printers)
Backup units, either tape drives or removable media such as the Iomega ZIP
1-   Photo scanner
1-   Digital camera
1-   Color flatbed scanner
1-   Hand held grey scale scanner
14.4 or 28.8 modems (voice mail capability would be lovely)

Thank you for your kind indulgence,
Yours in these Current Middla Ages

Mikhail the Armorer
Tarkhan Khanate Bright Hawk
Great Household of the Dark Horde

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