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Discuss: Re: This message has been fabricated.

To: mford @ LANDO.hns.com @ SMTPGW; DSKULLY @ LANDO.hns.com @ SMTPGW
cc:  (bcc: Michael Ford/HNS)
From: Michael Ford
Date: 06/20/96 02:18:16 PM
Subject: This message has been fabricated.
SMTP Headers: Headers

Ok, this is very good, however the last line of the headers shows an 
authentication warning where there usually is none (of course I only noticed it 
since I was looking for it).  I am very impressed and was unaware that this 
could be done, I was under the impression that they could only be generated 
electronically and I see you did it in very little time at all.  Also I note 
that it shows up different to me where I see my name without the usual "/HNS" 
after it, this will red flag me every time(maybe not someone else), but as I 
said, I am duly impressed.  I wouldn't wish what it would take to provide 
security on anyone without paying them a significant amount of money and I 
certainly do not expect Aodhan to start calling and/or e-mailing everyone that 
submits armory, just why worry about it if it isn't a problem or likely to be 


>Your points are valid, I simply added another angle.

As are yours and I did not try to make light of your angle, for it struck a 
worthy chord.  I just thought about a few things and I think things are just 
taken a little to seriously sometimes.

Thank you(whoeverUR),

Sean MacKay
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