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Re[3]: I don't know...

Greetings, all.

>]And I ALWAYS sign my posts,
        >And now a lot of people cannot reply to you directly. For some, you 
>might as well be using an anonymous mail forwarding site. I happen to be the 
>sysadmin for my company and I can always check the logs for an address. Shy 
>folks who do not have the tools, who might reply to someone privately, but do 
>not post to the list, cannot reach you.

1) Those people would not have had a problem two weeks ago...but now they do.

2) You are one of a small handful who has those tools at your disposal and can 
thereby overcome the difficulty.

3) There is a dramatic difference between an anonymous post office and an 
anonymous poster...and the latter was the implication to me.

4) Your request requires more work of myself and everyone else who is in my 
situation. It strikes me that the change Kendrick made was to help make the 
list more convenient to some. The result is to make it more convenient to 
some and less convenient to others. All change has a cost...unfortunately, 
I'm one of the folks paying it. (No disrespect, Kendrick...I know you were 
trying to help other folks.)

I'll change if I must but take a look at how many folks put their email 
address on their notes. Then, ask yourself "Was that automatic? How many 
had to enter that each time by hand?"

Alaric, when you have the tool to perform a task, it is easy to ask for its 
performance. When you lack the tools, even simple tasks can become arduous. 
Sometime, try driving a nail without a hammer...or placing a screw without 
a screwdriver. You could use a boot or a quarter, respectively, but you'd 
curse every effort.

ps. Alaric, that's ^^^ why I complain about tags...  8^)

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