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Re: Re[2]: I don't know...

          This is in fact the root of this problem concisely stated. The 
  simple answer, someone else, requested was to simply add your email address 
  to the end of your posts. I still fail to see why this simple request has 
  met with such resistance. 

Because, Alaric, you at least strongly implied that it was discourteous to fail
to do so.  A request is one thing: an implied slam is another.

It would be just as offensive if I suggested that "Those of you with brain-dead
mailers are discourteous to the rest of us."  (Yes, I understand that you are a
prisoner of the system your employer provides.)  Do you see the distinction?

And, as I said before, those of us who know and understand the Internet get
really annoyed by the Johnny-Come-Lately Big-Name-Software that screws up what

	Tibor (For you, once: schuldy@math.harvard.edu)
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