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Re: Heraldry Via The Net

> Here is an idea.  I am more than sure that it isn't original.  We
> talked about it at the A&S meeting tonight.
>   Why can't you submit you device via The Internet and have it approved
> by Heralds that way Please?  There must be reasons and I would like to
> hear them.

First, let me say that there are circumstances under which I have in
the past and will in the future accept electronic submissions. But let's
review a reason or two way this may not be a good policy:

The main reason I am reluctant to do this is that I cannot be sure that
the person to whom the name or device is supposed to be registered to is
actually the same person who sent the forms. For instance, if I didn't
already know Rhiannon and know what her screen name was on AOL I'd have
no way of knowing the Rhiannon Ui Naill and CORVU2@aol.com were the
same person. And since few Atlantians actually have the means to send
me electronic submissions, I would probably end up in a situation where
I receive electronic submissions that have never even been handled by
the submitter --- that is, I will get these things from third parties.
I really do need something that tells me in no uncertain terms that 
the registration is truly desire by the person whose name appears on 
the forms.

Additionally, I happen to have some non-standard hardware. I have
among my collection of Macs and PCs a Mac laptop with color screen,
24MB RAM and 540MB hard drive. That's a lot of iron and it's able to
read and convert virtually any Mac or PC file format under the sun.
This is not typical hardware among Heralds in the College of Arms.
And I would certainly not expect my successor as Golden Dolphin
Herald to have such a machine. Most people who have computers are 
probably using PCs with 4MB RAM and 200MB hard drive running 
Windows 3.11. Computers are still not household applicances and
few people have computers that can deal with 3MB graphic files
without choking. 

Therefore, I will in the future, as I have in the past, accept
electronic submissions on a case-by-case basis when I the submitter
is known to me and I am sure the submitter truly intends to register
what I get through email.



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