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Re: Message not deliverable

> Help!  Is anyone else suddenly getting a second copy of every original post
> with a subject line of "message not deliverable"?  Why is this happening?
> Rhiannon
> corvus2@aol.com (for whoever it was...)

	:) Ahhhh Mail and the way of life. You see it seems that someones 
address on this list is no longer active so the list sent the mail out and
thought all was good. On the other end a computer accepted the mail and then
tries to get the mail to the correct person/machine. Well after a set time
most mail servers send the mail back if they where not able to deliver the mail.
So it figures it should send the mail back to the sender and tell him or her
that they couldn't get the mail to the person. That is what happened. Kinda 
like a no such address thing but in email. 

Of course it could be that the address was just not reachable for the 
time set to give up and could be back up and working now. 


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