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Re: DISC: Can't tell author.

Unto the patrons of the Merry Rose from a normally silent observer:

My mail system has never shown me who messages were coming from when they 
came through the list.  All messages appear From: owner-atlantia (as you can 
see below) and unless people sign their messages I am completely in the dark 
as to who is saying what.  Going back to the 'old way' will change nothing 
as far as my server is concerned (I wasn't aware that any change had been 
made until messages about it started appearing) so I am all for people 
including email addresses at the end of posts.  If there is a good gentle 
present who knows of some way for me to alter my system so that I am capable 
of seeing who messages are from then, please, let me know.  Until then, as a 
courtesy to those of us in this situation, please include your email address 
(or, at the very least, your name).  [Just for the record, I am not saying 
that not including your address is discourteous.]

Cassandra Ebonwoulfe
From: owner-atlantia
To: atlantia
Subject: Re: DISC: Can't tell author.
Date: Wednesday, June 19, 1996 11:02AM

Inside my company, we don't leave names or phone numbers on phone
messages because the phone-mail system records the name & extension
100% of the time.  On the Internet, 100% of my email messages have my
name and return address in my email headers. So perhaps this is an
excellent example.

However, don't take my sweeping statement to say anything about what
you want to put in your signature. I just strongly object to the
notion that it's discourteous to not include a duplicate of my address
at the bottom of all my messages.

 -- g
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