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Re: DISC: Can't tell author.

> I'm a little surprised at your attitude on this subject. You seem to
> be making a sweeping statement against the practice of including an
> email address in message text in a rather strange way. Your reason for
> discouraging the practice appears to be much like saying people shouldn't
> leave their phone numbers on message machines because Caller-ID will
> record the phone number. Pardon me, my Lord, but this does seem very
> strange reasoning indeed.

Inside my company, we don't leave names or phone numbers on phone
messages because the phone-mail system records the name & extension
100% of the time.  On the Internet, 100% of my email messages have my
name and return address in my email headers. So perhaps this is an
excellent example.

However, don't take my sweeping statement to say anything about what
you want to put in your signature. I just strongly object to the
notion that it's discourteous to not include a duplicate of my address
at the bottom of all my messages.

Finally, I should point out that this discussion is rapidly departing
from relevance to the Atlantian mailing list. I have probably been the
most guilty party, but I'd like to see the topic drop. There's no
compelling argument for or against making replies to the list or to

-- g

[ well, actually, that brain-dead site which is bouncing mail back
into the list wouldn't do so if replies were left to individuals, and
compuserve is similiarly brain-dead, but you can't spend your life
trying to accomodate a few brain-dead sites. ]

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