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Re: I don't know...

> Whether this little discussion about showing who posted a
> message has anything to do with me, but I have the sneaking
> suspicion it does. The way my mailer works, I tell it to whom I
> want the message sent, in this case, the server for the Merry
> Rose. Then the subject, etc. and when done, I mail it. It never
> says, in email, from whom the message came, except inside the
> actual message. If ya got a problem with this, take it up with
> the Virginia State Library.

Nope, not you at all. Your messages have a return address
automatically inserted at the top of your message, just like everyone
else's. This problem is always on the receiving end -- mail readers
which throw away most of the information at the tops of messages
(called headers).

-- g

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