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Re: New list Serve Approach

If I may be blunt, this new system stinks.  I can't tell from my Eudora
index what is from whom and frankly, some people speak up so much I choose
to tune them out.  I can't now.  There were 130 messages on my index
tonight.  Only two were personal.  I cannot afford the time to open 130
messages hoping for some gem worth my while.  That sounds arrogant, but is
the truth.  This is like being in a crowd and having to listen to every
single conversation, like it or not.  We need to be able to discern what is
valuable from more clues than the subject line.  I also fear that this will
lead to more list explosion, with it being so easy to sound off.  This
letter is a prime example.

Sorry, Kendrick, but some traditions are best kept.

Daniel of Rutland
Daniel D. Weil

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