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Re: New list Serve Approach

On Wed, 19 Jun 1996, Robert J Welenc wrote:

> (And BTW, I don't understand the discussion about including your email
> address in the body of the messeage.  On my machine, there it is at the
> beginning of the message along with a lot of other stuff.  [Please
> understand that I am NOT saying "What are you whining about?"  I am saying I
> _do not understand_.])

Most people, when receiving email, get a header at the top.  It lists a
From:, a To:, a Subject:, and many other things if you're looking at a
full header, such as the message ID number, or the path by which the
message arrived. Many of us use software that hides the full header and
shows only an abbreviated version.

Some people do NOT receive headers.  The first thing they see is the
first line of the body of the email message (e.g. for this one it would
be "On Wed, 19 Jun 1996, Robert J Welenc wrote:").

Many people assume that everyone has headers, and either do not sign, or
do not include an email address in the signature.  This causes other
people grief when they realize that they'd like to respond privately to
a message, but the only way they can respond is to Reply to
atlantia@csc.ncsu.edu which as we have seen is not always the most
appropriate thing to do.

For example, if I had this format, and I wanted to respond to your
message privately, I would have been screwed, because all the message
body says about you is that your name is Alanna.  No header to tell me
what your id is (in fact, I now truly don't have it as part of the reply
header), and as I just mentioned, your signature consists of just your 

This is why people want you to list *in your message* not just your name
but your email address as well.  It can be that simple; it doesn't have
to be as fancy as the ones some of us use, with blazons or pictures.
But they want to be able to get back in touch with you, and that's the
only way they can find out.

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