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Re: New list Serve Approach

At 12:11 6/18/96 -0400, you wrote:
>unto the merry rose, from melys - greetings!
>i have to chime in on the side of the folks who find the new format MUCH
>easier to cope with, simply because it adds the active option of choosing
>whether to direct a reply to the individual or to the list. 

I find this passing strange, kind gentles.  That's what I had under the old
system, but am now lacking.  I could either _Reply_ (to the original sender)
or _Reply To_(the list).  I am not familiar enough with these Infernal
Machines to know whether it is the mailer or my software (or are the two the
same thing?) but now both of those options result in sending to the Merry
Rose.  To make a personal reply, I now have to cut-and-paste from the body
of the original message.  

(And BTW, I don't understand the discussion about including your email
address in the body of the messeage.  On my machine, there it is at the
beginning of the message along with a lot of other stuff.  [Please
understand that I am NOT saying "What are you whining about?"  I am saying I
_do not understand_.])

I vote for the old format.


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