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DISC: Advertising (was Re: Netiquette inquiry)

Igor Bear wrote:
> Unto the gentles of the Merry Rose does Igor Medved send greetings!
>    A point of information and etiquette: is it acceptable to post a "For
> Sale" notice upon the Atlantian mailing list? The items in question are
> SCA-related. Please let me know!

Given the nature of this list and the people who populate it, and given
that the sale is of SCA related items, I don't see a problem with them
being advertised here.

Typically, what is most often objected to are blatant advertisements for
a business. This is especially annoying when received in email, as some
people still have to pay for email either by size or quantity. However,
I will also add that I would not find it out of place if a local SCA
merchant were to mention a sale on items in their stock. I will lay before
you an example; Let's say Master Andrixos receives a double order of a
certain type of trim by mistake. Now he can either try to send the overage
back to his supplier, or, he can tack a note up on the message board that
is hanging next to the door to the Rose saying he's having a special sale
on this trim due to the overage.

This is, of course, only one example, and it should not be taken as an
endorsement that all SCA merchants should use this forum for regular
advertising. We know who you are and usually what you carry, and will
look you up at the next event should we need to, so there's really no
need for you to put your full page ad up on the message board by the

In service,

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