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RE: MRS:Heraldry Graphic Libraries

Good Morning All-
I have a copy of Corel4 and it has a slim number of 
"heraldric centric" items in it.  I have heard that Corel6 
is well stocked though.  If anyone has 300 dollars I'll 
buy a copy and be sure to come back here and let you'all 
know the minute I get it.   No really, there should be 
such a beast out there.  We just have to find it.
Oh, anyone have a good clip-art owl for my device?


Kate Field / Kathryn Beathag  
The Owl and the Fox in Harmony
CSC has nothing to do with this
---------------Original Message---------------
Good Gentles,

I am very much interested in the use of Corel to produce 
heraldry.  Are 
there any Corel3 heraldry libraries available?  While I am 
indeed a 
computer geek, my ability to draw say, a hippocampoid 
seahorse (yes, I'm 
serious) using mouse and cursor is minimal.


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