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Re: Re[2]: Mostly Info: Getting Involved In Heraldry (some bant

In a message dated 96-06-21 09:56:57 EDT, Tadhg wrote:

>Perhaps Rhiannon could tell us if there are similar activities in that neck 
>of the woods.

Let's see...  I'm always scheduling classes and workshops.  We've had two
workshops in Sacred Stone and Rhiannon's Traveling Heraldry Troupe has
appeared at three or four collegiums this year, with more planned.  I'm
working on the initial stages of a Heralds and Scribes Symposium for the
first of next year and would be thrilled to have help with that.  My primary
focus at the moment is more towards assisting the local herald and populace
with heraldic education and submissions and I have been doing quite a bit of
travel to enact that.   And of course, I'm always pleased to have local
consult tables at events.

So, I guess, instead of Achbar helping me, I'm offering to help him...  ;-) 


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