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Re: japanese heraldry

On Fri, 21 Jun 96 15:43:00, Andreah Harrison wrote:
I'm sorry about this, I meant this to be a personal reply:(
>>Kamon are not heraldry. We do allow things that look like Kamon if they
>>can be blazoned in our standard vernacular and if there is no conflict.
>>If you need specific guidance, we can take this discussion off-line.
>>    ,
>What I have in mind maybe improbable.  I would like to come up with something
>that can be passed in European-style heraldry that can be adapted to Japanese
>useage.  My primary persona is Italian but would like to keep the same charge 
>when doing Japanese, to keep it recognizable as belonging to me.  I had worked
>on a European-style device until I found out that it is possible to pass a Japanese
>Any suggestions?
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