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Re: Alairian Coronation

Quoth Alys:
> > The Latin for Prince is Princeps - just one of those odd bits of
> > information the brain has stored. 
> >  
> > Sue the as-yet unnamed 
> >  
> > schenoweth@usa.pipeline.com
> Are you sure that wasn't "principes?"  At least, I *think* I'm
> remembering that from a missa, not from Italian class...
> Well, if I'm totally off, someone will be sure to tell me soon!

Principes would be a declined form of the noun - either the genitive
singular or the nominative plural, depending on the length of the final
vowel.  Princeps is the nominative singular form.  So if the Alairian
prince wishes to sign himself (in Latin) as "Prince of Alairia", he would
use the construction _Princeps Alairiae_ (nominative singular of
_princeps_ plus genitive singular of _Alairia_).

(who hasn't had quite as much Latin as Gyrth or Andrixos, but who has still 
taken quite a lot of it)
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