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seeking shield walls

Greetings to everyone on the Central Battalion mailing list and the Atlantia
List. Sir Corby sends greetings.

I seek individuals or units who have large "war door" shields. We need you
for important experiments in bridge tactics, to take place at Pennsic
Preschool in Marinus  (July 13) and at Assessment in Black Diamond (July 27.)
You need not be part of the central region forces to aid us in this.

I could explain more, but since no small part of the new tactic relies on the
benefit of surprise, I can only say that your help in this may benefit the
whole Atlantian army and our allies in the upcoming War. I will go as far to
say that aiding us in this will not mean that you have to spend hours
crouching down behind your shield in a bridge practice. No more than you
would have without this experiment, anyway.

Even if you don't have a war door shield, please consider coming to Pennsic
Preschool and Assessment. These are the last chances for war practices this
summer and are crucial to the central region's forces teamwork. Novice
tourney has been canceled, so head to Marinus instead.

Unit commanders-I need to see you at these events! Marinus, Tir Y Don, you
need a big local turnout at Preschool.

As I've mentioned before, I am not subscribed to the Atlantia list, so please
respond to me directly via email at codexzine@aol.com.

My thanks, and good luck finishing those war projects.

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