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Re: Mis-Posting

Branwyn wrote:
>I don't think the letter from Xavier was intended for public posting 
>that was a mistake that Lyon apologized for. From what he said, he
>intended to show it to some of his Alairian friends (which are a very
>small subset of our public, you must admit -- in fact, there seems
>to be only one in the intersection of the two groups).

>Now, if Lyon means to the extreme of arrogance that anything I
>write him is his to post in public (the forum to which we are
>commonly subscribed), no matter the nature of the post or the
>public, or how the public image I have crafted in that public
>might be altered by having the private post made public, then
>I would have similar feelings as Earl Dafydd as to the courtesy 
>of such an attitude... and would never share anything intimate 
>with that person.

No such thing!  I took the nature of the letter into account. It was a
simple compliment which I passed on to my King and his Council, to let
them know that our first foray into contact with the SCA was well
received.   (Should even a prince disdain to seek the praise of his king
and master?)  

I will always use kindness and consideration as my first yardstick--if I
had thought Xavier would be in the least offended, I would never have
sent it, even privately as I intended.  The public posting was an
oops--and I agree that re-broadcasting someone's words is tacky.

However, if Lyon means what he said in the way *I* took it, which is
>"Is it a breach of etiquette to show something cool that was written
>to me to some of my friends?" My answer would be "not if use your best
>judgment" -- if it is obviously something intimate and gushy or
>in some other way would cause the writer to be held up to the
>ridicule of those with whom you share the letter, I'd say resist
>the urge. But if it is something that can only cause good will to
>happen, I'd say go for it -- the most important factor in this
>situation is how much you trust the person/s with whom you are
>sharing the letter. 

Thank you--you explained my position quite well.

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