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Re: Mis-Posting

Dear Daffyd:

Some clarification, please.

>This is simple courtesy.  You treat a private conversation as a 
>conversation, whether it is email or voice.  Which means that it is
>_always_ discourteous to broadcast a private message, regardless of 
>content.  If the content is inflammatory it has other disadvantages,
>but it is always discourteous even when the content is innocuous.

So if he calls me on the phone and says something, I cannot repeat what
he said in conversation to anyone?

I understand about not "broadcasting" someone else's e-mail--that was an
error because I included the list address when I didn't want to.  But I
cannot seriously think that anyone would assume that a message sent via
e-mail is confidential, in the sense that it's contents must never be
revealed to anyone else by the recipient without the sender's
permission, unless it was marked as such.  I use as an example the idea
of mail correspondence or phone conversation.  If you tell me "don't say
anything about this" I'll accept your terms or refuse your confidence. 
But if you say "I really like tha music they had at the last feast" and
I go up to that ensemble at the next feast and say "Daffyd told me you
were really good," I just don't see that it is something to get tense

But, when in Rome...


>You should always assume that if the sender had wanted to make the 
>public, he would have, and for reasons of his own he sent you a 
>in private instead.  You should respect his reasons, even if you do 
I always assume, as I said, that a confidential message will be indicated
in the message.  I send a lot of e-mail privately to avoid cluttering
list bandwidth with things not of general interest.  I would be posting
this privately to you, if it wwere not that the issue was brought up
online so I expect others have an interest in the outcome.

Do we have a list moderator, or a list charter?  Perhaps the guidelines
have been spelled out or can be.  I do not wish to violate the customs
of my hosts, even if they don't all make sense to me.

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