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BANTER: The Way of the Bag (fwd)

This was sent to me on another list.  I'd thought I'd pass it on, as it
seemed to remind me of several early mornings at Pennisc...

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Date: Mon, 24 Jun 1996 08:33:16 -0400 (EDT)
From: Andy Bartalone <buffalo@universe.digex.net>
To: Slacking Weasels <weasel-patrol@otd.com>
Subject: The Way of the Bag (fwd)

Got this from a friend.....i am amused.


What is the connection between crypto and bagpipes? Well 
crypto is regarded as an armament by the US ITAR regulations.
Later this month a British court is to rule as to whether
bagpipes are still classified as "instruments of war"!
The story is in todays Times newspaper (The British one)
It seems that a piper is being taken to court for practising
on Hampstead Heath, which has a bye-law forbidding music.
Mr Brooks, the piper, has denied the charge, citing a case in 1746,
where bagpipes were declared to be instruments of war, not musical
instruments, and a subsequent Act of Parliament which specifically stated
that they were weapons. He claims he wasn't playing a musicaL 
instrument, but practising with a weapon! 

The imagination boggles if his claim is successful! Will it
be possible to sue pipers for assault with a deadly weapon?
Will airports be equipped with bagpipe detectors?  

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