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Greetings, Gentles.

It seems I inadvertently posted something to this list which was meant
for the Alairians (a different list I keep in the Address Book.) 
Someone on this list had written a complimentary letter, and I wanted to
pass it on to my fellow Alairians to show them that we were liked here.

The sender objected to being quoted without his permission.  I wrote back
as follows:

"I have never agreed with the idea that you cannot quote someone's e-mail
message to you.  If you send me a snail mail letter, once I open it, I
can show it to whomever I like, even though the law prohibits anyone
else from opening it.  That letter was supposed to go to my King and
Council--if you'd written me a nice letter, could I not have shown them?

"If it is addressed to ME, not a list, not posted as publication, then
once it's in my mailbox, it's mine."

I would like to know if I am correct in my assumptions, or if I was in
error in forwarding his message.  If I was, then where is the line? 
COuld I have printed his letter and shown my firends a paper copy, but
not sent them an e-mail copy?  Is every e-mail secret unless released by
the sender?  What is the ettiquette here, please?

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