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Beating a dead horse w/ a GoA

          Sorry to bring up such a OLD subject, but as i've
been away from the Rose for a while, and since Jonathon threw
my name into the fray....

I was given the title "The Honorable Lord Bryce de Byram" by a
King and Queen, in court, and I chose to express my honor of
the Crowns by using this title ( despite being counciled by the
last two Triton's against it as "it is not a custom in this
Kingdom" and having read corpora on the subject) Why? When I go
to a event I see the King, not the BoD; I bow before the
thrones, not corpora. I have never forced this title on anyone,
it is a personal thing. I have never told any herald to
announce me as "The Hon. Lord..." altho. some who know me chose
to announce me that way. Some don't, no big deal. In fact, the
differant ways I have been announced in court are:
The Hon. Lord Bryce de Byram
His Lordship Bryce...
Lord Bryce

It's never bothered me a bit, one way or the other. And no
Jonathan, I don't sign most e-mail with this title(or any) but
use the intials of my name: BdeB. I have used the title in
offical letters(to the crown, etc.) And used it on my tape

I introduce myself to almost anyone as Byram. (Maybe if its
official I use Bryce de Byram) No titles, nothing. I'm a little
too layed back for all that. However, say when one of the times
I was Royal Bard, I would use THL in front of my name. The
reason: to help change the Atlantian custom, because since
livery collars aren't given out with the award, the title is
about all you practially get, and many people I know with this
accolade truely derserve some special acknowment. As I
understand it the custom of giving out Grants, as seperate
award started, in recent Atlantian memory, with Stefan and
Twilla. Several, but not all later monarchs have chosen to use
the award. Those of us who chose to use the title are changing
the custom.("Nice customs cursty to great Kings!"-Shakespeare)
I'm not sure just how long Master Hervaus or Mistress Jaelle
thinks it will taken to change this custom, but judging from
the fact that I was even brought up in this discussion shows
that a few people do chose to honor those of us with the award
with this title.

One last thing, in Calontir, where I just attended the War of
the Lillies, Grants are a common award as their Kingdom Orders
of Merit ( i.e. like our Pearl, Sea-stag, Golden Dolphin)
are given with a Grant of Arms. Their subjects with this award
are called "His/Her/Their Lord/Ladyship" and sign their names " HL
Robert Dylan."

                         Regards to all,
(Bryce de Byram posting on the gracious Lady Susanna Grey's
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