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a few questions

Greetings from Thomas MacFinn (Dan Mackison) and his lady Vicountess
Vincentta du Jarvain (Hilda Jarvis),

I have been away from the Merry Rose for some time. During my absence, I
have accumulated a few questions that someone else out there may be able to

1) What is the accepted (normal?) number of pearls and points on a vicountal
coronet in Atlantia? My lady has decided to start wearing one again after
many years and has written the Clerk of Precedence to find there is no
official rule one way or another. 

2) Can someone out there check the registered spelling on my lady's SCA
name? I believe I remember seeing it spelled differently than presented
above.(she says otherwise)

3) Does anyone know Lord Michael of Hammond? I need to find a way to contact
him on a matter of copyright and have nothing other than an SCA name and the
probability he  once lived in Isenfir.

4) The last is not a question but a request. I wrote a little web page on
heavy fighting in the SCA and would like it reviewed and suggestions made.
The URL is 



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