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So long and thanks for all the fish...

Poster: "Susan E. Juroff" <ted5sej@hibbs.vcu.edu>

Good Gentles of the Merry Rose,
                               Due to a number of blunders on
my part, I have been posting to the Merry Rose notes I meant to
be private, this is unacceptable as Lady Susanna has been
gracious enough to let me share this account with her. As her
name is shown on the postings, it can be confusing and as my
presence on this account may keep certain friends from speaking
freely to Susanna, I will no longer use this account, For now
this means that I may not visit the merry rose. If you wish to
reach me my address is:

                      Bryce de Byram
                      Duane Moore
                      2710 W. Main St. 1st floor
                      Richmond, Va 23220
                      (804) 358-7264

   Thank you and I am sorry for taking up more bandwidth,
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