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Re: a few questions

Poster: dan.mackison@pobox.com (Dan Mackison)

>Poster: Lance Harrop <lharrop@mrj.com>
>Lord (?) Thomas MacFinn writes:

Nope. Just Thomas. I move around too much for any award to catch me.

>> Greetings from Thomas MacFinn (Dan Mackison) and his lady Vicountess
>> Vincentta du Jarvain (Hilda Jarvis),

>Oh wow!  Not only do we get a Viscountess back, but I've already done her 
>flash card...

Flash card? I don't understand.

>I guess I'll have to promote her Excellency to the "Active" deck.

We've both been active for some time. Its just of late we haven't ventured
out of the open wastes east of Windmaster's Hill often.  

>Welcome back,

Thomas and Vincetta

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