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Re: MR-Request-music

Poster: "Lynn Pawelka" <lynn_pawelka@server.hort.ncsu.edu>

                      RE>>MR:Request-music                         6/27/96

Xavier writeth:
>> 	I am looking for the words to a song that I heard at a bardic 
>> circle about a year ago if you can help.  "Music, Sex, and Cookies" and I 
>> was told that it was by a gentle named Aed ...
>> 			Thank you,
>> 			Philip the Bashful
> that is one of effen's song I believe
> It might be best to ask him personally
> He is very particular about having his songs posted on listserve's and 
> the internet so it would be best to ask him personally
Just to set the record straight, Xavier, shy Philip is indeed correct. The
song in question was written by Aed of Avi..something, not our beloved Royal
(No-Holds) Bard Efen. I have often heard Efen sing the tune in question, as it
is one of the most requested in his repetoire, but he did not write it. Aed is
also responsible for the charming and demented ditty to the tune of "House at
Pooh Corner" (one of my favourites).

As far as posting the words to "Music, Sex and Cookies", there *is* that nasty
little copyright thang. Regardless of who's written the song, I'd be reluctant
to post it without their permission.


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