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Re: Toys-For-Tots Clash/Sea Wars

Poster: "Christine Jurand" <cjurand@awod.com>

  Greetings unto the regulars of the Merry Rose from Gabrielle Gasparella!
    	Toys For Tots/Sea Wars was a wonderful, but extremely HOT event! 
Atlantia did indeed donate a lot of toys, as did Trimaris and Merides.  I
know that I was feeling rather "wedged" into our "chariot" from all the
toys my companions donated!  I did, however, miss Court that night, and
only know of a couple awards given out.  One award, I believe it was Most
Chivalrous Fighter, went to Eorl Syr Kane, for which I congratulate him
heartily!  I was wondering, however, if anyone could tell me just WHO the
archer was, and from what kingdom he/she hailed from, that targeted and
successfully struck the King of Trimaris during battle, thereby causing
His Lady Queen to do reverance unto the fortunate archer during court that
evening (an impressive sight, to be sure!).  If anyone could aid me in my
query, I would be most appreciative!  As they say "inquiring minds want to
know!" ;-D
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