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Re: INFO: Attn. Brewers and Vintners

Poster: "Eric J. Campbell" <ejcampbe@unity.ncsu.edu>

> Hmmm. Now I think about it, there is a thing in vinting called a 
> malolactic fermentation. This is a spiff thing that can be done in
> deep high-tannin red wines. A special bacteria is introduced into
> the must about 10 days into the yeast sugar/alchohol fermentation.

> I'm not sure if "lactic acid" and "lactose" are the same thing. My
> books are all in storage.

Lactose is a sugar

Lactic acid is a byproduct of incomplete metabolism of lactate in humans


as the result of lactic acid fermentation

lactic acid fermentation 
      A type of fermentation carried out by lactic acid bacteria in 
which sugar (e.g. lactose, glucose, pentose) are converted either 
entirely (or almost entirely) to lactic acid (homolactic fermentation) or 
to a mixture of lactic acid and other products(heterolactic fermentation).
Glossary of Microbiology: l
http://www.bio.umass.edu/mdid/glossary/l.htm#lactic acid fermentation

Cider Making

hope this helps


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