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Toys-For-Tots Clash/Sea Wars

Poster: angela@ascc01.ascc.lucent.com

Greetings unto all to whom these words do come from Lady Mordeyrn Tremayne!

This weekend past many Atlantians traveled to the Shire of Forth Castle, known
modernly as Fort Stewart, in Savannah, Georgia to do battle with our cousins of
Trimaris. There were over 500 Atlantians, Trimarians, and Meridians, (and other
Kingdoms maybe?) who came together to fight, have fun, party, and collect toys
for the Make-A-Wish foundation. This "War" was won by Atlantian, the Kingdom
that donated the most toys. There was PLENTY of fighting: several field
battles, bridge battles, and a resurrection woods battle, all followed by a
couple unbelted champion battles whereby the unbelted fighters of Atlantia
challenged the unbelted fighters of Trimaris then Meridies to a field battle.
Much fun was had by all! The Savannah paper said, we "...filled a room full of
donated toys for Toys for Tots." Something like 3/4 more than Fort Stewart

Vivat to all who came down and made it possible for the Make-A-Wish foundation
to take care of their charges!

In service to Crown and Kingdom,

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