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Re: INFO: Attn. Brewers and Vintners

Poster: "Chuck Graves" <chuck_graves@mail.hq.faa.gov>

Greetings, all.

>The product is very high in lactose and contains about 16% fat. It also 
>produces a lot of lactic acid which he suspects might kill the yeast 
>before the alcohol does, so he's going to experiment with inhibitors (wood 
>ash is the only one I recall of the list he gave).
Corun, tell your friend not to worry too much. All my recipes for 
koumiss add lactose to cow's milk to get the desired results. Lactose is 
an unfermentable sugar which stays in the brew. He should do fine.

>(the smallest quantity of Mare's Match you can get is a 25 pound bag). 

Do you think he might spare a couple of pounds for experimentation. 
Imagine Equine Bainnecor...

Just a thought,

>P.S. Tadgh, I expect to see you at Pennsic for this. ;-)

You mean I have to WAIT?!?

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