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DISC: Public correction

Poster: "David H Ritterskamp" <dhritter@dpcmail.dukepower.com>

Poster: "Toscano, James" <James.Toscano@den.mmc.com>
"There is never a time to publicly correct an authority figure except in 
cases were a law is about to be violated or someone is about to get killed.  
As a figure of some authority and respect they deserve the courtesy of 
discrete private consultation on any behaviors."

        [Giacomo:  We can extend that to the following:  

"The ONLY time to publicly correct ANYBODY is when a law is about to be 
violated. ("...or someone is about to get killed" being a trifle redundant 
in that case.)  You can easily remove that chunk about "As a figure of some 
authority and respect they deserve...etc."; doesn't anybody deserve the 
courtesy of not being taken to task in public?  For that matter, doesn't the 
public deserve to not have to stand there and listen to it?  

It's embarrassing for both sides, and only slightly more so for the person 
who made the mistake...

When somebody screws up, it doesn't do anybody any good to get ripped for it 
in public; that sort of demeaning action is reserved for 1) children and 2) 
military recruits.

I don't know any of either group.

Speaking from experience, from both ends,

Ld. Jonathan Blackbow
[Bet you were all wondering where I was...]

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