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RE: Re[2]: "Official"?

Poster: Gregory Stapleton <gregsta@MICROSOFT.com>

First, Tibor wrote in reply to me:

Poster: Mark Schuldenfrei <schuldy@abel.MATH.HARVARD.EDU>

Gawain wrote:
  Being a baronial chronicler, I can address this one, as far as
  publications go.  According to Kingdom Red Tape, baronial/shire/canton
  newsletters must include a statement of the following form:
[Snip of Corporate disclaimer]
  	Therefore, anything published in one of these publications is

Yet another example of why that language is poor.

The idea is to make it clear that the local authors and local group may
speak for Corporate in the policy department.  It is something of a
against error, libel, or slander.

But, since Corpora II.A makes it clear that a local newsletter can make
event official, and so do many years worth of clarifications in the

I had to study this area, once, when I held a deputy Kingdom position in


Then Tadhg wrote:
>Poster: "Chuck Graves" <chuck_graves@mail.hq.faa.gov>
>Greetings, all.
><snip my message from above>.
>I'm afraid I have to disagree with you on this one, Gawain. Your
>implies that NO barony/shire/canton meeting or fighter practice is
>covered. That
>can't be true. Last time I checked, our insurance covered our meetings
>and our 
>fighter practices. Frankly, if it doesn't, I and many others have been 
>misrepresenting the SCA to local governmental bodies, i.e., city
>military installation, and school systems, when obtaining facilities.
>The disclaimer is worded to release SCA, Inc., from responsibility for
>local groups publish. For example, the PH?NIX can publish that the new
>membership rates effective Aug 1, 1996, will be $12. Nice idea--but the
>SCA is 
>not bound by it. If the same thing were published in the TI, on the
>other hand, 
>it would be binding--the TI is the OFFICIAL publication of the SCA,
>I don't have a copy at hand but I believe the ACORN has a very similar 
>disclaimer. The ACORN covers official Atlantian policy but not official
>Inc., policy.
IIA from Corpora says:
A. SOCIETY EVENTS DEFINED. The term "Society event" refers to
tournaments, feasts, and other activities whereby participants can
display the results of their researches into period culture and
technology in an environment which evokes the atmosphere of the Middle
Ages and Renaissance. It also refers to educational activities involving
either one-time classes or ongoing university organizations, and
meetings where participants share skills or discuss the business of the
group. All Society events must be sponsored by branches of the Society,
registered with the Seneschal of the sponsoring branch and publicized at
least to the membership of that branch, and conducted according to
Society rules.

So, if I am reading this right and understanding the missives of these
two good Lords, then I've been under the false assumption over the last
4 years that my publications were really unofficial.  In fact, they make
any references to events published in them official events covered by
Society insurance!?!?!?  So, let me see if I have this straight:  If I
publish in the local canton or baronial newsletter that we are having a
4th of July picnic and fighter practice at Billy Bob Joe Don's place,
for SCA folk, this is considered an official event per IIA?  Covered by
Society insurance?

I think I'm floundering in legaleese.  HELP!

Lord Gawain Kilgore
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