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Demo Question

Poster: "hank jackson" <hank.jackson@reichhold.com>

     Poster: Galen of Black Diamond
     Hello All,
     I have a question That I'VE never had to deal with before, so please 
     forgive ne if this is old news.
     First a story:
     I went to a demo recently and began explaining to the people, coming 
     by the booth, the weapons, armor, style and form in which the Society 
     recreates Rapier combat.  Concernedly, most of the interested folk 
     were young children of elementary school age.  The were very 
     interested as I described and went through the motions of the various 
     forms of Rapier combat(rapier and Dagger, Rapier and Cloak, et 
     cetera).  I let them heft the weight of the weapons.  I did go so far 
     as to place a youngster or two into stance, and explaining how, led 
     him or her through a Lunge.  I CONTINUOUSLY maintained that we 
     "sported" with these weapons wearing a considerable amount of armor 
     and with great care because we did not wish to get hurt.  When the 
     children were handling the weapons they had a tendency to try and 
     attack me or each other so I further tried to maintain that they 
     should never poke or hit at anyone else.  At this demo and at past 
     demos, I have seen gentles take up a Heavy's shield and allow the 
     children to beat on the shield or on a fully armored heavy fighter.  I 
     realize the danger of these teachings and the possible danger to the 
     children should they attempt to use either form against one another, 
     My Questions are:
     When is teaching, giving too much Knowledge to those, possibly, not 
     ready for it?
     Did I go too far?  How far is too far?
     How is what I did, different from what the heavys have done?
     Your input is greatly appreciated

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